Lesson Plans

Gender & Sexual Orientation

Lesson plan and accompanying worksheet that gives students the opportunity to explore gender and sexual orientation through a series of case studies. 

Consent & Rape Culture

Lesson plan and accompanying resources for students to develop skills to recognize and disrupt rape culture. 

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LGBTQ+ Lesson Planning Resources

"All We Share" A video produced by Denmark highlighting similarities across diverse groups of people. 

Gender Spectrum

Resources to empower your interactions with youth and create gender inclusive environments. 

Speak Up in Schools

Resource developed by Teaching Tolerance that covers how to speak up against bias statements. 

Sexuality Education Matters

Module from Deakin University in Australia that prepares educators to teach about sexuality in the classroom. 


Toolkit for teachers that explains helpful ways to create inclusive schools and includes frequently asked questions about LGBTQ topics and how to answer them. 


Details ways to include LGBTQ topics into the curriculum with lesson resources.

Teaching Tolerance

Downloadable resource about how to build inclusive schools.


A collection of books and lesson resources. 


Educate yourself on LGBTQ identities by hearing personal experiences from around the world. 

Accredited Schools Online

Explains LGBTQ terminology and discusses ways you can create a classroom inclusive of all gender identities and sexual orientations. 

Educate and Celebrate

Downloadable lesson resources on LGBTQ topics. 

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Bring the gender unicorn to life, by viewing identities as spectrums. Activity by Sarah Koppelkam. 

Sex Education Lesson Planning Resources


Sex ed for the real world. Inclusive, comprehensive, supportive, sexuality and relationship information for teens.

Planned Parenthood

Videos and lesson plans talking about safe sex, consent, you name it.  These resources are also inclusive of intersectional identities!

Teaching in Love

Hub for educators to navigate teaching about sexuality. Explains how to teach without shame, talk about homosexuality, discuss religion, and more. 


A platform with all sorts of information for teenagers about sex. 

Long, Live, Love

Widely used comprehensive sex education curriculum in the Netherlands. 

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