Singin' in the Rain

Who doesn’t love great gear? Once I find stuff that I love, I immediately turn into a salesperson. Honestly, I feel like I should start asking for commission. Based on your past purchases (whatever they are), Amber-zon suggests the following: any book by Audre Lorde, the shop vac, codenames, THE DIVA CUP— if you are my friend you probably purchased something from that list.

Living in a city where it will reliably rain at least once a day, I’ve found some sweet gear that has totally saved me. If you are planning to visit Amsterdam, Seattle, or maybe go outside and sing in the rain, here is some stuff you should pick up:

1. Seal Skinz waterproof, windproof, all weather gloves These have been tremendous in keeping my hands warm when I bike. They also have grip on the palms and the amazing technology that allows you to use your phone with your pointer finger.

2. Sam Edelman Chelsea Rain Boots

The ultimate boot. I’ve been wearing them since October. My roommate in Brooklyn had a pair and they are absolutely perfect. They are also fancy enough to dress up any outfit to be “Dutch formal wear”.

3. L.L. Bean Trail Model Raincoat

I traded in my 8-year-old, two times repaired, Bean boots and received a full refund from L.L. Bean. Clearly they are committed to customer satisfaction. They absolutely won my loyalty, and I used my refund to purchase this coat. Perfect for layering with a down jacket to stay warm AND dry while biking.

4. Portable Charger

Do you have an Iphone? Does it randomly decide to die when it gets too cold? I would still be lost somewhere in Amsterdam if it was not for this portable charger saving me.

𝄞 I can see clearly now with contacts on!

5. Acuvue Oasys Contact for Astigmatism

If I was put into the Hunger Games, I would die. I am blind as a bat and have astigmatism. So lucky that Acuvue created these contacts. Until they make windshield wipers for my glasses, I will have to rock the contacts when biking in the rain.

Those are all the recommendations I have for now! Hopefully, I won’t have many more, because I definitely do not have enough space in my luggage to take much home...

Do you have any recommendations for rain gear? If so, comment below!

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