At least 1,000 words. A Month in Photos.

Since moving to Amsterdam, I have been battling the obligatory feeling to document everything, with wanting to just experience the moment and take it all in. However, I have still been snapping shots of the crazy amazing things that I've encountered, which I now just have stored on my phone... I figured the easiest way to share the collection of pics (and to give you a break from reading) is to create a monthly photo review!

Due to the sheer number of photos, I am going to split them apart into food and everything else.

Here are some of the non-food-related highlights from my first month living abroad

Bringing my hockey gear was WAY more expensive that I thought it would be, but playing in Amsterdam has been priceless

One of the many pictures of ice rinks I have taken on my international hockey tour

Checking out the University of Amsterdam bookstore. So. Good.

After over 75 emails, and 7 apartment viewings, I found home!

Getting lost in the "Wormhole" at the Amsterdam light festival

Everyone needs a touristy picture of the "I amsterdam" sign, and by touristy I mean a picture with a ton of tourists.

The Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague- where I saw The Goldfinch and my first Rembrandt.

Fulbright Orientation in The Hague on the windiest day in the past 100 years.

The Dutch attribute making (fish)istory in the 17th century because of their ability to brine herring and go to sea for months.

I wish that I could add smell to this blog...

Cat fight. Not really, Lola just trying to boss around Mouse. I really miss these two, and my original Amsterdam roommates (Air BnB hosts) Renske and Shaun.

The hidden collection of biology textbooks from 1970's to today...let's see how they talk about sex...

This book is full of surprises...yes, that is a pop-up penis.

The COC's main fundraising and networking event of the year True Colors was at Paradiso, a venue that used to be a church. I am going to have to check out more concerts here, it was beautiful.

My new room with a view...and a television, just in time for the Olympics.

More than enough room for my hockey gear.

Checking out the rink in Nijmegen. If you look closely there is a track around the top for speed skating. I quickly learned why the Dutch just won 1st, 2nd and 3rd in speed skating at the Olympics; there are tracks everywhere. The Dutch also used to host a skating marathon between seven cities. Unfortunately, it hasn't been cold enough since the 90's for all the rivers to freeze over for the event.

Tulips and canals, doesn't get more Dutch than that.

Testing out static electricity with Claire another Fulbrighter.

Post hockey drinks at Elsa's with the boys...and the cat.

Attending a teacher training put on by GALE , next week's blog post is on the entirety of the training, so I will spare you the details for now

Back to school, back to school.

Slowly realizing that even though my Dutch is awful, I still speak biology.

The Hermitage has been around since 1681, and used to be a home for Amsterdam residents living in poverty. Queens and Kings from all over would comment that the poorest people in The Netherlands live like royalty.

Stop looking at me Swan!

Embracing the beautiful weather, and my new Dutch bike.

Amsterdam sunrise might only be rivaled by Mississippi's.

Another weekend, another ice rink. Checking out the track at Eindhoven.

Cool Mokum with the Championship win in the Carnival Tournament.

Look good, play good.

First place hardware...yes, that is a hockey playing toad.

Defensewoman love

Someone raffled off all the random Christmas presents that Sinterklaas gave them...

Team photo take 2. This time we're ready to party.

Halloween met Mardi Gras, anything scary was taken out, and Carnival was born. It is essentially a 5-day party in the south of Holland preceding Lent, and it did not disappoint.

It has only been four weeks, since I deplaned at Schiphol, but I have already met so many incredible individuals. I am learning things so quickly that I can hardly document it all, but hopefully these pictures have given you at least 1,000 words.

Thank you everyone for following my journey, and reaching out on Instagram, Facebook, and What's App. It has been so nice to have the check in points to synthesize and answer the continuous question, "so, how is Amsterdam?".

Make sure to check out my food pictures to get a taste of what I have been eating!

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