AmsterDAM good food

Are you hungry? If not, you will be at the end of this post. Take a bite out of my food finds from my first month living in The Netherlands!

Delicious Iranian bread with chutney that I purchased when I was completely famished and just finished biking in the rain...I have never loved carbs more.

Trying my first herring. Pickles, onions and bread were all tasty, but not sure I particularly like the slime of the herring…

Diving IN-donesian food at Sampurna.

Stroop there it is! Stroopwafels are just as tasty as they look

Food is better with friends, especially Brooklyn friends who are traveling in Europe. This brunch restaurant is adorable and makes great spelt pizzas. Check out Lavania.

Friday night stir-fry action with this awesome Wok Sauce that I swear has magic in it...

Black sugar caffe Latte over book club at Slowth brunch.

Adrienne, another Fulbrighter, and I shared a North African feast from Bazar. Olived it.

Daily special for 8.50. Yes, please.

Casually color blocked my outfit to my soup.

People really don't pull out laptops in cafes here, so I look a little weird, but with a cappuccino that big I was writing for hours. Bagels and Beans has spots all over the city. While the bagel doesn't compare to New York, it's a solid substitute.

That is all I have for now, but can't wait to share my next meal with you.

If you have visited Amsterdam, please share your recommendations in the comments section below!

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