Double Dutch: Month Two Photo Review

Three photo filled segments coming at you: schools, hockey, and friends!

School Visits

Books that actually represent gender, sex, sexual orientation, and racial diversity.

Condom-ception: Training teachers how to train students how to put on condoms...

Just checking out the Olympic speed skaters during lunch break at a secondary school in Amsterdam Zuid.

An amazing lesson about tenderness from a phenomenal educator. This was before any discussion of 'voortplanting' (reproduction).

The sex box, found in almost every Dutch school I have visited.

Translating 50 years of Dutch Biology textbooks and examining how they discuss sexual diversity. Thanks Anna!

Rutgers produces this kit to showcase different contraceptives.

Teaching a guest lesson on the Nervous System. Not so nervous...

Presenting at a conference in Rotterdam: Let's Talk about Sex(ual Diversity)

Teachers role-playing fielding difficult questions. Can you tell someone is gay by how they look? The more important question: does it matter?

Watching an Amsterdam teacher kick off the unit by allowing students to say ANY word that describes sex/vaginas/penises. Surefire way to get out the giggles.


Cool Mokum gearing up to go to Barcelona in April.

Skating on the canals to work every day is great! (kidding)

Some snap shots from the last Cool Mokum game of the season.

Get low.

Celebrating Wim, and his 94 years on the ice.

Best fans in Holland right here!

Hanging out in Dusseldorf with Saskia.

First the worst, second the best. Playing with the Tilburg Dames was a blast!

Meet Amber, she was my defensewoman partner. She wears my number and does her homework in the rink. We're twins.

Don't tell Lindsey, this is my boyfriend Damien. He is the only person I have ever beat at a video game. He probably let me win. He looks just like Saskia, because he's also her son.


Maastricht is a city in the South of The Netherlands and is also the home of Adrienne. When I visited her, we had a blast exploring caves, forts, and churches!

Checking out the fort.

Adrienne is getting used to being my model.

The Dutch stole the French plans to build this fort, constructed it in eight months, and then used it to fight off the French. Work smarter, not harder.

In the 1980's, Maastricht hired artists to go down to the caves and make masterpieces in charcoal.

Talk about a Labyrinth; this is a map of the caves!

Saint Servatius was alive in 384. Now here is hanging out in here.

Can you tell the Catholics lived in the South?

After visiting this church, I have new plans for my body parts post-mortem. Bedazzle some gold and throw my radius in there!

Some more jaw-dropping art.

Shots from back in Amsterdam. You might notice a trend.

That moment when you realize your new friend looks like an old friend...

Helping out Claire (pictured top left) with a modeling shoot for her Fulbright.

Meet Solene, my new roommate. I was able to capture her first experience with Sriracha. She loves it so much, she was squeezing it out the sides of the bottle.

Ok, enough of the cold. I'm ready for spring!

Thank you so much for following my journey!

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