Holland Days: Month Three in Photos

This blog entry is dedicated to my third month researching in The Netherlands, all the amazing people who came to visit for their Holland Days, and to some hockey shenanigans in Barcelona. You can put away your reading glasses and tissues (if you want to cry read this blog) and enjoy the photo highlights!

Is this real life?

Trojan Theater: showcasing best condom practices.

Student created posters on sexual diversity. Love has no limits.

This beautiful activity inspired by the Gender Unicorn and designed by Sarah Koppelkam, who also wrote this phenomenal article that you should check out!

I had the opportunity to sit in a presentation by the Alkwin Kollege GSA, at 10:30am, in a biology classroom. Talk about getting a school's priorities straight, or maybe not so straight...

North Carolina is lucky to have such a remarkable educator. Adrienne's final presentation at the Fulbright Center!

D.C. and North Carolina are only 5 hours away. Time for a road trip!

Vince, a Fulbrighter studying democracy in Greece, paid a visit to good old A'dam.

Mix-and-Match school models.

Caland Lyceum has a sports program where they give athletes modified schedules to accommodate for training. The result: professional athletes and olympians. Where was this when I was 14?

Found a pot of literary gold at IHLIA! The actual Reading Rainbow.

Shelves lined with queer literature: jack pot.

I mean, I had to take a picture. Just a casual display in the Central Library.

Check out the train station at Sloterdijk pronounced: slaughter dyke, though I don't think that is the intention.

Joining in the March for Our Lives rally at Museumplein.


Welcome to Holland, I'm here to tell you all the random facts that I have learned!

1. You can eat pancakes at any time.

2. No, the Dutch do not actually wear wooden shoes. You will find more Danskos in Brooklyn.

3. This is not a naturally produced tulip.

4. There are random parrots in Amsterdam. These are not them.

5. Classic lesbian footwear was used for constructing dikes. Without the dikes 60% of The Netherlands would be at risk of flooding.

6. Stroopwafels were first made in Gouda. Aside from being a delicious semi soft cheese, Gouda is also a place in The Netherlands.

7. Fresh juice is delicious and can also double as a lip tint.

8. G's canal brunch boat serves up brunch and a tour of the city.

9. Taking a picture of the "I amsterdam" sign without a million tourists is impossible.

10. There is no shortage of gay bars in Amsterdam, but the best gays come from New York to visit you.

11. This is the best picture. Ever.

From the United States With Love

My mom sent me this banging picture and it is too good not to share.

My sister Diana made a baby! Welcome Logan!

This bombshell came to visit.

I put a ring on it.

Vegan Junk Food Bar serving up some french fry realness.

My hockey teammate JP and his new born child, err dog.

We experienced Heineken.

We drank as many beers as all the Rummikub tiles totaled up.

She's pretty spectacular.

Celebrating Anchorette's birthday at Tolhuistuin.

The world is lucky to have you in it, I am lucky to have met you! Gijne verjaardag!

Lindsey beat me at a pull up contest. Nothing else would get her to smile like this.

Strawberry blonde.

The best cheese plate in the history of cheese plates.

Solene is showing how many people consumed all this food. It only takes two.

Take a guess which beer I bought.

I'm on a boat.

BARCA: Take 2

Tapas Tapas!

Our new friend.

Barcelona and Cool Mokum combo.

The goalie from the other team: "I've never been scored on by a woman before."

Well, you must not have played against many women...

Cool Mokum living our best Barcelona life.

Sunshine and hockey, am I back in California?

Wine gummies! (These are actually Dutch, I just consumed them in Spain).

Life's a beach.

Fields of bright yellow fields full of canola flowers. The seeds are crushed and used to make canola oil.

There's a lot going on here, and it is amazing.

A Little Life is devastating, Girona is beautiful, and immediately after this photo they told us to stop taking pictures and board the plane.

Thank you for following my journey! Until next time, doei (bye)!

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